Brianne provides solid, insightful advice. It’s obvious that she genuinely cares about her audience. She was always the speaker people remembered and wanted more of.
— Summer Steib, Director, Louisiana State University (LSU) Womens Center


Brianne’s passion and commitment to helping audiences eliminate fear literally transforms her audience. Audiences leave feeling energized, hopeful, and optimistic, as evidenced by this video testimonial from an attendee of one of Brianne’s empowerment keynotes:

Fear is at the root of everything that stands in the way of our potential.  Courage is the cure. Brianne's personal experiences from growing her business from $0 to 6 figures while raising toddlers, to losing everything she owned in a flood twice, to battling depression and breast cancer, have made her an expert in courage and resiliency- and these experiences provide a valuable core to her message. Brianne engages audiences in an authentic and compassionate way that touches the heart and inspires change.

Brianne's interactive speaking style offers her audiences new approaches for reaching goals, eliminating fear and reclaiming their power in life. Your audience is sure to be enlivened by her motivating tips, wisdom, spunk, and attitude!
Brianne is happy to work with event organizers and planners to develop tailored presentations that are relevant and meaningful to their specific audience.


“Brianne is very inspirational and has helped so many women push past their fears. We can't wait to hear from her again.”- Shonitra Vaughn, President, Crew of Athena

“Brianne is a highly engaging speaker and her expertise lends itself to real challenges that inhibit personal growth. The world needs her message of courage and resiliency. I highly recommend her as a speaker.”- Alejandro R. Perkins, President, Luis A. Martinet Legal Society

“Our students were engaged with Brianne's warm yet hilarious personality. She is knowledgable and professional yet real and accessible. Definitely one of our favorite speakers!” Arianne C. Jolla, Owner, HYPE Academy

“Mrs. Brianne Joseph lectured to our students at Xavier University in New Orleans Louisiana. She showed a conceptual, experiential, and ethical command of her profession through her excellent and lively presentation.”- Dr. Thomas Bonner Junior PhD Prof. Emeritus, Xavier University of Louisiana