When Brianne speaks, audiences say WOW:

"Punk Azz Cancer! Awesome presentation from a patient's perspective. We have to focus on patient-centered care. Brianne nailed it!"- Darica Flood, MHA, MBA Practice Administrator of Oncology, Grady Health System.

"I loved absolutely everything about your presentation! Your story touched me personally and professionally! Not only did you kick cancer's azz, you simply kick azz PERIOD! Your presentation was super insightful." - Amanda McIntyre, Charleston Cancer Center

"I LOVED this presentation! Don't change a thing about it.  I would love for our office to carry your book!" - Laura Roetski, CHOA

"Briann was so informative. She is such a dynamic and clear speaker." - Amanda McBride, South Carolina Oncology Associates

"Very engaging speaker. She had great thoughts and ideas on how to improve cancer care." - Haylee Steele, Lexington Oncology

"I loved the rawness and authenticity. Very well executed and eloquent. Keep speaking. You are a true inspiration!" - Lisa Smith, CHOA

"Very inspiring speaker. I really enjoyed it and got a lot of information to take back to our patients." Tedd Lee, Gibbs Cancer Center

"The entire presentation was phenomenal!"- Tamara Place, Charleston Hematology Associates

"Brianne was amazing! She provided excellent points. I am hoping to be able to use her to help our patients." - Amy Floyd, Charleston Cancer Center

"Heartbreaking to hear that as cancer care teams we don't provide what we learned in kindergarten......to be human and kind first. Great reminder of the priorities!" - Kristin M. Carroll, Executive Director of Clinical Operations, Survivorship Solutions, LLC

"Brianne provides solid, insightful advice. It's obvious that she genuinely cares about her audience. She was always the speaker people remembered and wanted more of.”- Summer Steib, Director, Louisiana State University (LSU) Womens Center.

Brianne engages audiences in an authentic and compassionate way that touches the heart and inspires change. Your audience is sure to be enlivened by her motivating tips, wisdom, spunk, and attitude!

Brianne is happy to work with event organizers and planners to develop tailored presentations that are relevant and meaningful to their specific audience.

Cancer survivors are moved to tears by Brianne's exceptional delivery: